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Developed through extensive research at the intersection of materials science and biomechanical engineering, Xenco Medical’s SETx Technology eliminates the expensive, cumbersome, and inefficient processes necessary for traditional implant systems. Xenco Medical spinal systems are packaged sterile and ready to use. At the completion of each surgery, the Xenco Medical instruments are disposed of, never to be used on another patient.

SETx Technology’s highly reinforced, composite polymer derives its remarkable durability from the unique nature of its interfacial bond strength. Engineering its surgical instruments from a highly durable fibrous matrix, Xenco Medical’s implant systems are capable of withstanding very high loads of force. The composite polymer used in Xenco Medical’s intuitive devices is central to the company’s delivery of the safety, efficiency, and traceability at the core of its SETx Technology. Unlike surgical systems that are used repeatedly in hundreds of patients, Xenco Medical’s surgical systems ensure every patient is operated on with single-use implant systems functioning at their peak condition.

As patient-specific implant systems, Xenco Medical’s SETx Technology eliminates the risk of infection and cross contamination from reused spinal implant systems. Beyond the risks associated with improperly sterilized surgical devices, the antiquated steel instruments in use today slow the average operating room time, present inventory management challenges, and extend the time required to prepare for each case. Efficiency in the operating room is also improved through the intuitive design of inserters pre-loaded with implants.

As the drive to optimize patient outcomes while streamlining internal logistics has become increasingly important in healthcare, Xenco Medical’s composite polymer surgical systems have been welcomed across the country because of the safety and savings they provide. Xenco Medical’s single-use instruments and implants eliminate the costs associated with the autoclave process, the delivery and retrievable process, surgery postponement due to sterilization errors, and extended care due to infections. As consistently calibrated and sterile surgical systems functioning at their peak condition, Xenco Medical’s products optimize patient outcome by eliminating the variability associated with reused spinal systems.

The SETx Technology portfolio is comprised of the Cervical Interbody System, Lumbar Interbody Systems for ALIF, PLIF and TLIF, and the Pedicle Screw System. With several additional systems under development, Xenco Medical is continuing to expand its increasingly comprehensive surgical portfolio of spinal implant systems.


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Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Xenco Medical is an American medical technology company committed to disruptive innovation for the purposes of engineering a safer surgical environment. Developed through an extensive dialogue between materials science and mechanical design, Xenco Medical's single-use SETx Technology eliminates the expensive, cumbersome, and inefficient processes necessary for traditional implant systems. Through its line of patented, composite polymer medical devices, Xenco Medical seeks to ensure that the outcome of surgeries reflect the ability of the surgeons rather than the limitations of their implant systems.

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